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  • Elisa Turner

PRESS RELEASE - Impakt IQ and Viiision Announce Collaborative Partnership

Impakt IQ, A Leading Provider Of Investor-Grade Sustainable Impact Intelligence Solutions, And Viiision, A Leader In AI-Enabled Blockchain To Support Supply Chain Transparency, Announce Collaborative Partnership.

San Francisco, CA, March 10, 2024 - Impakt IQ and Viiision are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership. This collaboration brings forth the next-generation solution for companies to measure and manage their sustainable impacts throughout the business value chain; it is investor-grade, aligns with global sustainability regulations, such as SEC, CSRD, and IFRS Sustainability Standards (International Financial Reporting Standards).

The next-generation business management system is “Sustainable Impact Management” (SIM). SIM, when overlayed on existing management systems, adds the third-dimensional insight required to reveal holistic, sustainable impact practices (risks and value creation). When SIM, ERP, and CRM systems share relational databases, they provide full holistic business intelligence – the next generation in business management systems.


“Our collaboration with Viiision will empower SIM. Integrating our solutions simplifies investor-grade sustainable impact management compliance, minimizes risk, and helps companies align with rigid stakeholder expectations—all components critical to gaining access to required elements of commerce today, such as financing, customers, and consumers,” said Elisa Turner, Founder and CEO of Impakt IQ.


This partnership is a game-changer for businesses seeking comprehensive supply chain insight and effortless compliance," said Amanda Martinez, CEO at Viiision.


Impakt IQ and Viiision are committed to driving transformative solutions that align corporate responsibility, sustainable impact and financial success.


About Impakt IQ: Impakt IQ is a leading provider of investor-grade ESG intelligence solutions aligned with leading global regulations. Impakt IQ is 1st Step in enabling companies to move toward translating sustainability initiatives into a consistent, verifiable global language alongside business impacts. We Make Understanding, Managing, And Communicating A company’s Sustainable Impact Practices Simple, Dynamic – And Investor Grade.


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About Viiision: Viiision is a leading innovative supply chain transparency provider, providing end-to-end permissioned access through AI-enabled blockchain. With a focus on excellence and forward-thinking technology, Viiision is transforming the future of supply chain management.


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