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Impakt IQ’s ESG (IIQ ESG) approach and tool set is the industry-leading tool for generating your ESG framework, ESG score, ESG statement, ESG report.

Our ESG Report provides organizations with their ESG current state, financial and reputational risks, and value creation opportunities - the foundation of our methodology is based on the most relevant ESG frameworks in the world: Task Force For Climate Change Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the SEC.

Our approach helps inform and connect all leaders of an organization, creating cross functional awareness of ESG risks, opportunities, and value creation. It is a catalyst for organizational transformation through increasing ESG intelligence and your company’s ‘Impakt IQ’*, across the organization.

* "Impakt IQ" Defined: A quantifiable measure - using investor-grade material metrics -expressed as a universal number - of a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, processes and performance relative to its financial and reputational risk and value creation in consideration of all stakeholders. An organization's Impakt IQ score is comparable and equal to an investor-grade ESG Score.

Understanding your
ESG Intelligence & Score

The IIQ ESG Report is a critical management tool and report that reveals and identifies your organization’s ESG current state, financial and reputational risks, and value creation opportunities, all plotted on an ESG framework which aligns with investor-grade standards and is fully auditable.

The IIQ ESG Framework and scoring system is the industry-leading ESG assessment tool that enables organizations to evaluate and generate their ESG scores internally, giving them insight and control over their ESG management, disclosure, and narrative.

The IIQ ESG Score benchmarks and rates financial and reputational risks and value creation opportunities for every industry-specific material KPI within an organization.

Working with Impakt IQ has been an eye-opening experience with regards to deeply understanding our business and its impacts on the world.  ESG issues within the business that we have never fully examined were brought to the fore in an easily understandable way during the scorecarding exercise and we were able to see key linkages throughout our business that may not be necessarily identifiable.  With formal ESG implementation based on ISSB being relatively new for us, Impakt IQ gave us the ability to benchmark where we stood, identify gaps, leverage existing internal policies, programs and procedures benchmark against others in our industry and develop strategies to improve our performance.  The scorecard gave us an ability to develop a roadmap towards success based on an internationally recognized standard of performance.  It was an effort well worth undertaking and Impakt IQ made it relatively simple.

Jim Stewart, Director of Environmental Health & Safety

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