Impakt IQ is a specialized consulting firm helping
executives harness the power pf ESG and its Impac

Our Approach

Impakt IQ’s services and reports fill the missing link in the ESG management continuum. We provide the decision-critical holistic ‘whole view’ insights needed for executives to manage ESG much like they do their financials. Our Impakt IQ “statement” is an ESG performance statement similar to an income statement or profit and loss statement but for ESG performance. 

Our methodology and framework, which informs client dashboards and reports, is aligned with the foundational standards of the emerging mandatory climate and global sustainability standards, (SASB, TCFD, GRI). They are industry sector specific and are customized to each client’s needs. 

Our dashboards provide an executive view of all integrated ESG strategies and processes alongside their relative risks and value creation opportunities (Impacts). When viewed alongside financial reports, clients have full insight into their organization's performance.

The Impakt IQ methodology is a systems-based process that stands on the shoulders of 15+ years of experience, knowledge and profitable results. 

Impakt IQ’s Industry Leading Framework 

The Impakt IQ proprietary methodology and framework provides a holistic view of all relevant and material ESG issues and topics by industry sector, their risk rating, as well as the state of vertical and horizontal alignment.

Our framework produces a statement that provides the decision-critical insights executives need to manage ESG much like they do their financials – this fills the missing link in the ESG management continuum.

Impakt IQ statement systematizes complex information and elegantly organizes it into intuitive decision-useful information is aligned with the emerging global sustainability standards, SASB and TCFD – and can incorporate any additional framework or custom KPI’s. 

For each client engagement Impakt IQ’s services follow a tested sequence of activities based on our methodology and framework: ​

framework PDF.jpg

1.  Assess And Identify What Matters Most

  • ESG & Impact Strategy development (ESG & Impact due diligence, client and industry sector analysis of what comprises ESG scores, client goals, regulatory environment) 

2.  ESG & Impact Management System Design

  • Build customized client-integrated ESG framework based on information gathered in step 1

3.  Collect And Interpret Raw Data To Produce Insights For Decision Making

  • Filter raw inputs through the Impakt IQ matrix to convert into meaningful insights

  • Input data into Impakt IQ framework and dashboards

4.  Impakt IQ Statement & Executive Report

  • The Impakt IQ methodology and framework applied from steps 1 – 3 informs the compilation of the Impakt IQ Statement & Executive Report 

The Impakt IQ Statement & Executive Report is the first executive report to provide holistic insight into what matters most.  It provides critical insights for leadership to see “all” impact risks and opportunities in relation to each other and their whole organization, backed by auditable investment grade data. 


This information is essential to make informed decisions and manage ESG scores, performance and related impacts.  Additionally, it arms executives with investor quality narrative to communicate their ESG strategy, performance and impacts to stakeholders.


Impakt IQ is retained either semi-annually or annually to update the executive report, ensuring continuous improvement.  

An Impakt IQ statement is an ESG performance statement similar to an income

statement or profit and loss statement but for ESG performance.


A profit and loss statement of a company shows the company’s revenues and expenses during a particular period indicating how the revenues are transformed 

into the net income or net profit.


An Impakt IQ statement reveals a company’s consolidated ESG framework, strategy, alignment and performance during a particular period indicating how the company’s

ESG strategy and practices impact: risk, reputation, revenues,

value creation and enterprise value.


A profit and loss statement is structured based on GAAP principals. An Impakt IQ statement is structured on – but not limited to- imminent regulatory ESG standards (SASB & TCFD).