Our process

Organizations have evolved from hierarchy models to ‘sustainable' models, which were hard to define. Today impact models also known as stakeholder models are rapidly becoming the required business framework for the future.


What appears financially immaterial today can quickly become business-critical tomorrow. Companies need to adapt faster than ever before to keep up with the stakeholder economy demands. The impact business model is required to navigate these new waters, and requires new approaches and tools that provide holistic insights to manage this new dynamic system.


As impact advisors to executive leadership we are agile yet focused partners helping clients navigate this transition, we provide trusted council with proven, systems-based tools and integrated business intelligence insights to ensure our clients address what matters most to them, their community, and identify what is materially and financially relevant to them and their industry. 

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How we work

The IMPAKT IQ methodology is a systems based process that stands on the shoulders of 15+ years of experience, knowledge and profitable results. 


Our hybrid service offering is focused, nimble and scalable, it is adapted for each client's specific needs.  Average initial client engagements are between 6-9 months, with annual checks-in thereafter to ensure clients stay up to date on emerging issues and course correct as necessary.


 The deliverables include:

Impakt IQ Executive Report™ 

  • The Impakt IQ Executive Report provides executive teams a clear full system view of where they are on the impact continuum using investment grade ESG metrics relative to risks, opportunities, goals and peers. It is the foundation for building an integrated impact strategy, implementation and communication plan. 

Impakt IQ Strategic Services 

  • The Impakt IQ Executive Report is the foundation for building a short and long term impact organizational and brand strategy and implementation plan.

  •  We work with clients to develop these strategies using predictive creative analytics, dashboards, and use case scenarios based on the foundation of the Impakt IQ Executive Report.

Impakt IQ Management Tools

  • Drawing on our vast network and experience, we work with clients as needed to ensure they have the tools to manage, measure and communicate ongoing impact performance. Ensuring that impact considerations are purposefully integrated throughout your organization. 

"This is a must for companies that want to stay relevant in today’s business environment. Not only will an organization save money through managing their sustainability metrics under the Impakt IQ approach and methodology, but it will benefit from the positive impact on corporate culture and provide a rallying cry for all employees and stakeholders.”
– SVP Real Estate Services Company with $23B in revenue