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Sustainable Business Disruption Calls to Move From 2-D Linear Practices To A Holistic 3-D Perspective

The sustainable business disruption is upon us.


Emerging sustainable disclosure laws and stakeholder demands have marked a new era of business, regulations, and compliance locally and globally. This is impacting companies of every size and calls for evolved business models and systems. It is a seismic shift for businesses to navigate.


To manage this seismic shift, leaders must evolve their perspective of business from a collection of 2-D linear practices to a holistic system; a 3-D network of interconnected parts. Sustainable business practices are the 3-D element.


To support this shift,  business management tools must evolve to 3-D. This involves moving beyond traditional linear practices and embracing a more comprehensive and sustainable approach that considers the interconnections of environmental, social, and governance practices on all upstream and downstream business operations. By doing so, businesses can identify previously hidden risks and opportunities within the system and create a roadmap for long-term growth and success.


The problem is that most sustainability tools are linear and siloed; they do not provide holistic, sustainable impact business intelligence.


Impakt IQ is the next-generation business intelligence tool providing a 3-D holistic perspective revealing sustainable impacts and their connections to financial performance, operations, and brand value.

Your sustainability journey starts at Impakt IQ. To learn more please reach out to us at


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