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  • Elisa Turner

Economics 3.0 – Up to 90% of Corporate Value & Assets Today Bump Up Against Sustainable Issues

For the past century, businesses have largely been valued and managed using financial performance metrics and/or tangible assets.


However, research over the past 20-plus years reveals that top-performing companies that manage their intangible assets - their material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities - as diligently as they do their financials, consistently outperform their peer groups in terms of financial performance. Thus, the management of financial and sustainability issues are interconnected.


In fact, data has shown that intangible asset performance contributes up to 90% of a company's value and drives its financial performance.  However, traditional financial metrics and management tools only provide a limited view of a company's performance. They do not capture the interconnected performance relevant to 90% of the company’s value attributed to sustainability and intangible issues. 


With the passing of the International Sustainability Standards (ISSB), there is now a globally recognized framework for material sustainability issues, increasing compliance and regulation similar to GAAP/IFRS for financial management. 

This is where Impakt IQ's Sustainable Impact Measurement System (SIM) comes in. Our system provides a holistic matrix, management tool, and analytics aligned with ISSB that identifies risks and value-creation opportunities and their impacts on financial performance and reputation.

We provide investor-grade sustainable business intelligence for leaders to manage what matters most to create resilient, future-proof businesses. 


Impakt IQ is the next generation sustainable impact management and compliance system. To learn more, please reach out to us at or click here to schedule a demo.



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