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Impakt IQ’s approach is the missing link in the ESG management continuum for clients. It addresses leadership engagement, awareness of material issues, strategy, level of action, governance practices, management systems, metrics, and targets as per TCFD, SASB, SEC and ISSB directives.

We provide decision-critical holistic ‘whole view’ insights needed for executives to understand ESG, much like they do their financials.

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The information which informs the report is derived from company generated due diligence documents, leadership input from across the organization, and industry sector specific data collected from over 1100 data points.​


Our ESG Statements and dashboards provide an executive view of all industry specific material issues, alongside their relative risks, value creation opportunities and ESG scores. When viewed alongside financial reports, clients have better insight into their organization's performance.

The Impakt IQ approach is a systems-based process that stands on the shoulders of 15+ years of experience, knowledge, and demonstrated profitable results. 


Our IIQ ESG Report systematizes complex information and elegantly organizes it into intuitive decision-useful information and helps drive profitability.

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"Impakt IQ is a true leader in the sustainability space.  Their expertise, relationships, and thought leadership drive results that have created tremendous innovation for our organization.  Impakt’s ability to keep sustainability as the key driver, while viewing each project through the lens of a for-profit business is remarkable.  We have collaborated via dozens of think tank sessions that include strong action items that render profitable results each time.  Additionally, the Impakt IQ team is a pleasure to know."

Stacey Harralson, CEO Wasteology

"This report is a game changer – it not only reveals what it means to really manage business in a holistic and Sustainable manner ensuring long-term success but it provides invaluable insights that impact short term cost savings and reputational risk exposure."

CEO $220B Mining Company 

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