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PRESS RELEASE - Impakt IQ And ClimatePartner Proudly Announce Their Collaborative Partnership

Impakt IQ, A Leading Provider Of Investor-Grade ESG Intelligence Solutions, And ClimatePartner, A Leading Partner To Support Companies With Taking Climate Action, Proudly Announce Their Collaborative Partnership

NAPA, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 5, 2023 - Impakt IQ and ClimatePartner are pleased to announce their collaborative partnership. Impakt IQ specializes in providing investor-grade ESG intelligence, compliance, and impact assessments, while ClimatePartner offers comprehensive end-to-end climate solutions for companies.

Understanding ESG and Climate issues are interconnected, our goal through this partnership is to offer companies effective and complimentary tools and guidance to help them future-proof their businesses by reducing ESG and climate-related risks and leveraging value-creation opportunities while aligning with the growing regulatory requirements.

Impakt IQ supports its clients in investor-grade ESG assessments, scoring, compliance and strategies. ClimatePartner provides detailed calculations of a company's carbon footprint, supports clients in setting reduction targets and financing climate projects.

About ClimatePartner: ClimatePartner supports companies in climate action: With the solution approach of software and consulting, ClimatePartner supports its customers in making an active contribution to climate action and firmly anchoring it in their strategy. For example, companies have carbon footprints calculated for themselves or their products, define targets for emission reductions, implement reductions, finance climate projects and are supported by ClimatePartner until their climate commitment is communicated. These five steps can be traced transparently with the label "ClimatePartner-certified" and the associated Climate ID website. Where these requirements cannot yet be met, ClimatePartner offers the opportunity to participate in the financing of certified climate projects and to demonstrate this via the "Financial Climate Contribution" label and ClimatePartner's established ID tracking.

ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006. More than 500 employees from Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Essen, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Munich (HQ), Paris, Stockholm, The Hague, Vienna and Zurich support over 6,000 companies from 60+ countries -

Impakt IQ is a leading provider of investor-grade ESG intelligence solutions aligned with leading global regulations. Impakt IQ is 1st Step in enabling companies to move toward translating sustainability initiatives into a consistent, verifiable global language alongside business impacts. We Make Understanding, Managing, And Communicating Your ESG And Impact Practices Simple, Dynamic – And Investor Grade -

For media inquiries, please contact:

Impakt IQ: Elisa Turner Chief Strategy Officer, Chairwoman & Founder +1 510.210.2410

ClimatePartner: Eva Rössler Corporate Communications


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