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Next Generation ESG Intelligence & Compliance

We Make Understanding, Managing And Communicating Your ESG And Impact Practices Simple, Dynamic – And Investor Grade
ESG Disclosures Are Rising To The Same Level Of Importance As Financial Disclosures.
Therefore, Companies Today Must Have A Fact-Based, Investor Grade, Data-Led Approach To Managing ESG And Impact.

ESG has become central to corporate strategy, profitability and valuation. Yet, companies are challenged when navigating through this massive transition with fragmented ESG knowledge, a lack of critical insights, and no comprehensive tool bringing the puzzle pieces together. 


Our methodology aligns with ISSB , SASB, TCFD, follows general accounting principles is verified and 3rd party auditable.

Demand for sustainability and ESG information is steadily increasing and becoming a regulatory requirement. Therefore business leaders need a way to evaluate, measure, manage  and communicate to stakeholders ESG strategies, risks and performance relative to material ESG issues. *ESG Scores are that measure.


The current problem is ESG scores are largely derived by outside analysts and artificial intelligence algorithms searching the internet for company-related ESG practices and reports associated with that company. These scores are subjective at best and leave companies vulnerable and at high risk due to misinformation, inconsistent, not auditable, and inaccurate ESG scores.


The Impakt IQ ESG Assessment, Statement, and Score Report (IIQ ESG Report) changes that.

The IIQ ESG Report is to ESG what a Financial Report is, relative to finance. Our Report when viewed alongside your financial statement, provides true holistic insight into critical financial and reputational risks, and value creation opportunities, of your organization.


The foundation of our methodology is based on the most relevant ESG frameworks in the world: Task Force For Climate Change Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the SEC.

*An ESG score is the measure of a company's exposure and management of environmental, social, and governance, relative to risk/opportunity, performance, governance, and leadership.

Frontier Co-op has been dedicated to 'doing good' in the world for decades; from investing in development activities in our sourcing communities to breaking down barriers to employment within our walls. However, over the nearly fifty years that our cooperative has been operating, our world and our industry have changed substantially. In the last few years as we continued to grow, it became clear that we needed to formalize internal policies, practices, goals and governance around our impact-driven work to fortify and protect it into the future. 


ImpaktIQ has been a wonderful partner in this endeavor. Through their evaluation process, we were able to distill information from across our complex supply and value chains down to a simple and accessible scorecard. This approach has helped ensure that our leadership teams are able to better assess our gaps and areas for improvement, while also recognizing and celebrating the significant contributions our co-op has brought to our industry's expectations for what a responsible company looks like. It's also helped better illustrate that every person and every department at Frontier Co-op has a hand in and is responsible for ensuring our company's positive impact in the world.


The varying regulatory changes and requirements for ESG reporting across industries can prove daunting, especially for small to medium-sized companies with a broad array of products and a complex supply chain. However, ImpaktIQ's process has provided some much-needed clarity and a better perspective of where our co-op falls in the bigger picture reporting landscape. Their team has done a great job of balancing candor with encouragement throughout the assessment, guiding us toward a clear path for short- and long-term ESG goalsetting, governance, and reporting based on the topics deemed material to our business, all while celebrating what has always made our co-op special.  

Tony Bedard, CEO Frontier Co-op

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