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Companies must now manage their ESG Impacts in alignment with Global Standards


Impakt IQ's ESG Tool Set provides companies with a customized investor grade ESG framework enabling insight into material risks, value creation opportunities, benchmarks & more. 

Up to 90% of a company's value today lies in intangible ESG related assets. Resulting in stakeholder and consumer demand for insight into the ESG practices of companies they engage with.
In order to address this The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) has passed global ESG standards which will now allow direct comparisons of a companies' ESG practices across like industry sectors. 

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Impakt IQ's investor grade framework aligned with the ISSB Global Standards, addresses your ESG blind spots and provides insight into your business’ impacts, allowing you to leverage this intelligence to make informed business decisions.

Companies are being tested at every turn, as stakeholders demand more transparency, action and accountability on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. As a result, ESG has now become central to corporate strategy and profitability. Yet companies are navigating through this massive transition with fragmented ESG knowledge, a lack of critical insights, and no comprehensive tool. We can change that.

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ESG is increasingly becoming central to corporate strategy, long-term organizational resilience, profitability and a critical valuation measure.

Demand for sustainability and ESG information is steadily increasing and becoming a regulatory requirement. Therefore business leaders need a way to evaluate, measure, manage  and communicate to stakeholders ESG strategies, risks and performance relative to material ESG issues. *ESG Scores are that measure.


The current problem is ESG scores are largely derived by outside analysts and artificial intelligence algorithms searching the internet for company-related ESG practices and reports associated with that company. These scores are subjective at best and leave companies vulnerable and at high risk due to misinformation, inconsistent, not auditable, and inaccurate ESG scores.


The Impakt IQ ESG Assessment, Statement, and Score Report (IIQ ESG Report) changes that.

The IIQ ESG Report is to ESG what a Financial Report is, relative to finance. Our Report when viewed alongside your financial statement, provides true holistic insight into critical financial and reputational risks, and value creation opportunities, of your organization.


The foundation of our methodology is based on the most relevant ESG frameworks in the world: Task Force For Climate Change Disclosure (TCFD), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the SEC.

*An ESG score is the measure of a company's exposure and management of environmental, social, and governance, relative to risk/opportunity, performance, governance, and leadership.

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