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Futureproof your company with our elegant, investor-grade, sustainable business intelligence tools and services.

Because every decision has an impact!



We’re Leading The Evolution From Siloed To Holistic Business Management

Over half of the global economy has embraced sustainable business practices and standards, marking a monumental shift from siloed to holistic business management.

This evolution is driven by our understanding of previously hidden risks and values related to material sustainability issues, which can impact up to 90% of a company's value. The management and governance of these issues significantly contribute to and directly impact financial and reputational performance. This realization has ushered in Economics 3.0 and the need for evolved, holistic business systems.

Our Mission


Only One Delivers Lasting Business Value


Delivering Investor-grade Sustainable Impact Management Services

We offer a hybrid business model that provides clients with holistic business intelligence tools and verified sustainability scores. Our tools and services encompass materiality assessments, KPI mapping, data analysis, sustainability roadmaps, consulting, and more. All are investor-grade, aligned with leading global sustainability standards and general accounting principles, and are third-party auditable.

Our impact assessment culminates in clients receiving the Impakt Verified mark, confirming that their impact scores and sustainability practices adhere to leading global sustainability standards and are verified against general accounting principles. The Impakt Verified mark enhances trust in all stakeholder communications and marketing efforts.

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At Impakt IQ, our goal is to equip business leaders with investor-grade sustainability intelligence insights, tools and services to measure and manage interconnected sustainability issues, ensuring the most profitable outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our methodology employs a full systems approach. We identify all relevant sustainability issues and provide analysis on the interconnected business practices of a company impacted by those issues. This approach reveals risks, value creation opportunities, and impacts on financial and reputational performance. We encourage collaboration across all business units and provide data-backed, “Impakt Verified” proof for communications.


Impakt IQ is a leading provider of holistic business management tools and services. We assist clients in understanding what needs to be measured and how to mitigate risk, capitalize on value creation, and maintain compliance while fostering a sustainable culture for the future.

  • Sustainable Impact Assessment And Benchmark Report

  • Sustainable Impact Mapping, Assessment & Analytics

  • Verified Impakt Statement, Dashboards  & Scorecards

  • Data-Backed Verification for Sustainability Communications and Marketing

  • Use of Impakt Verified Mark

  • Sustainability Consulting

Our Service Offering

From Our Clients

From Our Clients

Frontier Co-op has been dedicated to 'doing good' in the world for decades; from investing in development activities in our sourcing communities to breaking down barriers to employment within our walls. However, over the nearly fifty years that our cooperative has been operating, our world and our industry have changed substantially. In the last few years as we continued to grow, it became clear that we needed to formalize internal policies, practices, goals and governance around our impact-driven work to fortify and protect it into the future. 


ImpaktIQ has been a wonderful partner in this endeavor. Through their evaluation process, we were able to distill information from across our complex supply and value chains down to a simple and accessible scorecard. This approach has helped ensure that our leadership teams are able to better assess our gaps and areas for improvement, while also recognizing and celebrating the significant contributions our co-op has brought to our industry's expectations for what a responsible company looks like. It's also helped better illustrate that every person and every department at Frontier Co-op has a hand in and is responsible for ensuring our company's positive impact in the world.


The varying regulatory changes and requirements for ESG reporting across industries can prove daunting, especially for small to medium-sized companies with a broad array of products and a complex supply chain. However, ImpaktIQ's process has provided some much-needed clarity and a better perspective of where our co-op falls in the bigger picture reporting landscape. Their team has done a great job of balancing candor with encouragement throughout the assessment, guiding us toward a clear path for short- and long-term ESG goalsetting, governance, and reporting based on the topics deemed material to our business, all while celebrating what has always made our co-op special.  

Tony Bedard, CEO Frontier Co-op

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