We Help Business Leaders Harness The
Power Of ESG For Positive Impact 

Impakt IQ is a specialized ESG and Impact consulting firm.
We help clients elevate their bottom line and reputations by
connecting the dots between sustainability, ESG 
risk, reputation, financial performance 
and enterprise value.

Why Managing ESG Practices And Their Impacts  Is Critical Today

In the past decade, ESG and its impacts have gone from being a trend to one of the biggest revolutions in business history. ESG performance and its related impacts are now being put on a level playing field with financial returns by stakeholders, including investors.  

The ESG train has left the station. Federal and global regulation of ESG is imminent, as are stakeholder expectations.  Having an integrated ESG plan today is as essential as an organization’s business, strategic and financial plan. Yet, in the USA 90% of organizations do not have a clearly defined ESG strategy, or know their ESG scores, impact risks or value creation opportunities - a potentially ruinous mistake.

Did you know, every day dozens of ratings agencies and stakeholders are collecting 3rd party ESG data and scoring your organization on ESG performance, leaving your company’s reputation, and its ability to do business, vulnerable to algorithms on many fronts? ​

To take control of your ESG narrative, you must have an integrated ESG strategy that aligns with your industry’s risks, value creation opportunities and stakeholder expectations. Siloed ESG data is no longer good enough, as it does not show how your organization is incorporating ESG risks and opportunities into future-proofing your business.

In a world where ESG-related risks and opportunities have become top of mind for stakeholders and investors, along with increasing ESG disclosure requirements, we keep asking why so many companies haven’t planned for a future that is already here. 

The response is severalfold: 

  • A lack of understanding of the ESG landscape, ranging from standards to scores to industry specific materiality issues. 

  • There has been no clear framework or regulatory requirement for ESG management and reporting

  • An inability to properly focus on ESG issues by CEOs/CFO’s due to lack of time in their day

  • CEOs/CFOs are not sure who to trust to guide them through their ESG journey, especially when the big consulting firms aren’t even doing it themselves

  • Some organizations have been addressing basic climate change and ESG issues but now recognize this is no longer good enough

Impakt IQ addresses all of the above issues and guides clients through each step of their ESG and impact journey, helping them manage and increase their ESG
score and positive impact to elevate their reputation and bottom line.

Our Client Promise

  • We do the heavy lifting to help increase your ESG score, and positive impact, which will elevate your reputation and bottom line

  • We provide curated holistic executive-level insights that reveal what is critical to measure, and why, how to measure it, and what standards are relevant for your goals. 

  • We ensure you move from siloed ESG issues to an inclusive and integrated ESG strategy and framework that is respected by all stakeholders and earns you a reputation as an ESG leader 

  • We ensure your ESG strategy and plan is aligned internally, and in line with the emerging foundational federal and global standards

  • We ensure you have a data-backed ESG narrative to discuss with your board and stakeholders

  • We ensure you are confident you are measuring and managing what matters most to your stakeholders, and not greenwashing

  • We provide wisdom, knowledge and tools to ensure you are proactively managing your ESG – just like you do your financials

Impakt IQ Is A Trusted Partner To Business Leaders


  • We are recognized ESG and impact business thought leaders 

  • Our Managing Partner, and client lead, has over 15 years of hands-on experience working with senior executives, developing ESG strategies and frameworks

  • We do the heavy lifting for you, recognizing your time is very limited

  • We are a hands-on boutique firm

  • We have vast experience with SASB, TCFD and GRI - the emerging standards being used as the foundation for global sustainability standards

  • We are a registered B-Corp - we walk our talk 

  • We were executives in our previous lives, so we understand your challenges first hand

  • Today we work exclusively with organizations and senior executives

  • We have worked with the investment, non-profit and business communities, so we understand the expectations of each stakeholder and how they all interconnect

  • As a boutique firm, we ensure you get personalized hands-on service at a reasonable cost

Impakt IQ Serves The Following Client Profile

  • You know the ESG train has left the station 

  • You don’t want to be laggards or get caught unprepared 

  • You understand ESG is tied to risk, profitability and value creation, and you need the roadmap to see and manage these interconnections

  • You are committed to integrating ESG into the DNA of your organization just like your financial processes are 

  • You want to increase your ESG score and positive impact, while mitigating risk and creating value

  • ·You want to sit alongside the respected leaders and organizations today in the Impact Economy 

Impakt IQ: A quantifiable measure (using investment grade material metrics) - expressed as a universal number - of a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, processes and performance relative to its financial and reputational risk and value creation in consideration of all stakeholders.