We help executive leadership navigate

the impact / stakeholder economy

Trusted partners and thought leaders for over 15 years

We believe the future belongs to businesses that manage what matters most, “impact businesses”. What matters most is dynamic and unique for every company based on their goals and stakeholders such as: investors, employees, customers, partners, community, and environment. 

Evolving to an impact business requires holistic business intelligence insights and tools that provide a whole system perspective. IMPAKT IQ is a pioneer in holistic business intelligence, advancing operationally and financially relevant best practices for over 10 years.


IMPAKT IQ partners with business leaders, helping them understand and navigate their true risks, opportunities and impacts using curated holistic executive-level insights and tools that reveal what is critical to measure and why, how to measure it and what standards are relevant for their goals.

Acting as trusted advisors and partners to executive level management we guide clients through every step helping them build values-based companies that work for all stakeholders, a moral and financial imperative today and for tomorrow.

The International Business Council of the World Economic Forum overturned Milton Friedman’s statement in favor of “stakeholder capitalism”.

- January 2020

Business Model Evolution From Hierarchy To Impact

From Hierarchy to Impact Business Models