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We believe the future belongs to businesses that manage what matters most, “impact businesses”. What matters most is dynamic and unique for every company based on their goals and stakeholders such as: investors, employees, customers, partners, community, and environment.

Evolving to an impact business requires holistic business intelligence insights and tools that provide a whole system perspective. IMPAKT IQ is a pioneer in holistic business intelligence, advancing operationally and financially relevant best practices for over 10 years.

IMPAKT IQ partners with business leaders, helping them understand and navigate their true risks, opportunities and impacts using curated holistic executive-level insights and tools that reveal what is critical to measure and why, how to measure it and what standards are relevant for their goals.

Acting as trusted advisors and partners to executive level management we guide clients through every step helping them build values-based companies that work for all stakeholders, a moral and financial imperative today and tomorrow.

The International Business Council of the World Economic Forum overturned Milton

Friedman’s statement in favor of “stakeholder capitalism”. January 2020

Our Approach

Impact organizations are evolving from ‘sustainable’ and ‘green,’ to holistic and dynamic whole systems. What appears financially immaterial today can quickly become business-critical tomorrow. Companies need to adapt faster than ever before to keep up with the stakeholder economy demands.

As advisors to executive leadership tasked with the role as beacons of direction to navigate this transition, we provide trusted council with proven, systems-based tools and integrated business intelligence insights to ensure our clients address what matters most to them, their community, and identify what is materially and financially relevant to them and their industry.

Our Services

We provide clients with the guidance and tools they need to create, implement and manage dynamic impact business strategies. To date, these issues and risks have been managed through siloed projects and programs in most companies which is no longer appropriate. The impact business transformation belongs to executive leadership as it carries profound short and long term financial and reputational implications.

IMPAKT IQ provides insightful impact strategies, scalable tools, analysis and a supporting community of thought leaders to help build the understanding, insights and capabilities within client organizations; and equip them with the tools and skills they need to drive the needed change - and keep it going.

IMPAKT Imaging Report

Gain a clear full system view of where you are on the impact continuum. 

This report like an MRI, provides a 3-D holistic view of all nodes of your organization relative to where they sit on the risk-reward- impact continuum. It delivers a deep level of understanding of the key factors most influencing your operational, reputational and material risks and opportunities as well as the associated metrics from leading impact standards such as SASB and GRI.

Based on decades of high-level experience doing this with leaders. We provide clients with the guidance and tools they need to create, implement and manage dynamic impact business strategies.

Advisory &

Strategic Services

IMPAKT IQ Management Tools 

Robust practices of impact management are a prerequisite for successful impact businesses. This means ensuring that impact considerations are purposefully integrated throughout your organization. Our impact management tools ensure strategies become profitable practices.

"Companies that best embrace stakeholder capitalism are outperforming their peers and will continue to do so."

Larry Fink, CEO Blackrock

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