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Impakt IQ Proudly Announces the Appointment of Mikael Loefstrand as its New Chief Executive Officer

Impakt IQ, A Leading Enterprise Compliance ESG Intelligence & Scoring Tool Aligned With The World’s Leading ESG Standards, Proudly Announces The Appointment Of Mikael Loefstrand As Its New Chief Executive Officer San Francisco, CA, July 18, 2023 — Impakt IQ (IIQ), a leading provider of investor grade ESG frameworks, business intelligence and ESG scoring solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Mikael Loefstrand as its new Chief Executive Officer. As the new CEO of Impakt IQ, Mikael will leverage his extensive experience to further scale and expand Impakt IQ’s powerful ESG Intelligence & Scoring Tools, that enable companies to measure and manage their ESG intelligence and ESG score aligned with the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) the world’s leading sustainability standards. Mikael Loefstrand's appointment marks an exciting milestone for Impakt IQ. The company looks forward to his strategic guidance and expertise to continue to revolutionize the ESG intelligence landscape. With a proven track record in growing companies, tools, developing business opportunities and assisting companies in complying with regulations and international standards such as GDPR, Mikael brings invaluable expertise to Impakt IQ. As the former Global VP/CTO of SAP, Mikael played a critical leadership role to build up the Multicloud Products and Services organization, and bringing SAP's Data Custodian to market in time for the GDPR release in 2018. His experience in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and driving compliance initiatives will be of great value to Impakt IQ, and its clients, now when new international standards are coming from ISSB to organize ESG management and accounting practices. Throughout his career, in leadership roles at Oracle, Dell, Sun Microsystems, and startups like Skalera and Force10 Networks, Mikael has demonstrated exceptional skills in developing strategic partnerships and leading initiatives that drive business growth. His ability to identify opportunities and deliver innovative solutions has enabled organizations to thrive in highly competitive and complex environments, including regulated industries. About Impakt IQ: Impakt IQ is a leading provider of investor grade ESG frameworks, business intelligence, and ESG scoring solutions - the 1st Step in enabling companies move toward translating their sustainability initiatives into a consistent, verifiable global language alongside their business impacts. The company empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of ESG compliance and measurement, fostering transparency, and driving sustainable business practices.

For media inquiries, please contact: Elisa Turner Chief Evangelist, Chairwoman & Founder +1 510.210.2410


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