Impakt IQ is a specialized consulting firm helping

executives harness the power of ESG and Its Impact

Our Services

While there are many reporting and disclosure frameworks for ESG performance, a convergence around a single framework is in the works by global regulators - using SASB and TCFD as the foundational frameworks. Impakt IQ is aligned with both SASB and TCFD, as well as industry-sector frameworks.

Our hybrid service offering is customized for each client. ​ We do not start from scratch but meet clients where they are and help them fill in the gaps to achieve their best ESG scores and impact goals.

An average client engagement is between 6-9 months, with an annual check-in thereafter to ensure clients stay up to date on emerging issues and can course-correct, as necessary.  

The Impact IQ framework and statement brings together disparate data from ESG systems, and human-derived activities to provide a normalized, real-time holistic view of ESG performance and its impacts. 

Impakt IQ is an expert guide for each step, helping clients confidently navigate the complexities of ESG and impact management with an approach that emphasizes collaboration and continuous learning.

Please note each of the services below can be retained separately, or as a whole: taking the form of our industry-leading Impakt IQ Statement & Executive Report*.  

*The Impakt IQ Statement & Executive Report is the first executive report to provide holistic insight into what matters most, and why. It provides critical insights for leadership to see “all” impact risks and opportunities in relation to each other and their whole organization, backed by auditable investment grade data. It is the roadmap to transforming your organization to compete in the impact economy.


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"This is a must for companies that want to stay relevant in today’s business environment. Not only will an organization save money through managing their sustainability metrics under the Impakt IQ approach and methodology, but it will benefit from the positive impact on corporate culture and provide a rallying cry for all employees and stakeholders.”
– SVP Real Estate Services Company with $23B in revenue