Impakt IQ is a specialized consulting firm helping

executives harness the power of ESG and Its Impact

About Our Services

Executives are under pressure from customers, investors and employees to increase the pace, scale and transparency of their sustainability-related actions. Impakt IQ works with organizations to address sustainability and specific ESG challenges and opportunities, ensuring every dollar spent protects or creates value for the business.

Our approach provides a catalyst for management and confidence to investors and other stakeholders by aligning and mapping all sustainability-related actions to proven industry leading methodologies and strategic frameworks, such as: the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

We help executives connect sustainability functions with operations by providing a holistic insight of sustainability across an organization – connecting the dots for executives between previous ESG performance siloes with their integrated impacts, risks and value creation opportunities. 

Our hybrid service offering is customized for each client. ​ We do not start from scratch, but meet clients where they are and help them fill in the gaps to achieve their ESG and impact goals.

Services Offered

ESG Assessment & Impact Report

We assess our clients’ current sustainability and ESG initiatives, map and aligning them to the leading disclosure frameworks, while scoring their performance, to provide a benchmark to measure against peer performance and future performance. This report includes:

  • A materiality and impact assessment, with corresponding metrics based on investment grade standards 

  • Details on issues that are financially and reputationally material with regard to risk and value creation 

  • A mapping dashboard that aligns ESG practices with investment grade frameworks and industry best practices 

  • An ESG scorecard – detailed by issue, risk rating, value creation opportunity and reasoning

  • A holistic view of all material interconnected ESG issues and their scores

  • A gap and risk analysis of ESG issues 

  • A heat map of risks/opportunities broken out by strategic, internal and external issues 

  • An ESG benchmark analysis of where the client sits relative to industry average and industry leaders 

  • The top 5 key issues – with point score, risk and value creation reasonings 

  • Our key findings and next steps recommendations

ESG & Impact Strategy Development


We assess our clients’ strategic direction, and help them understand the changing business context for sustainability, ESG and related financial and reputational impacts. We then collaborate on strategy development to build short and long term ESG strategies, along with assessing their risks, value creation opportunities, and implementation requirements based on ensuring economical, operational and brand sustainability and standards alignment. This provides a single source of truth and narrative for sustainability initiatives – creating a shared ESG vision across your organization.


ESG Strategy Communications & Score Management


We create a summary document that outlines our clients’ short and long term ESG strategy in terms stakeholders are looking for (aligned with recognized frameworks), along with high level goals and, where possible, achievements to date. This document is meant to be updated annually and be used as the basis for marketing, analyst and stakeholder communications, ensuring clients own their own sustainability narrative based on truth thus managing their ESG scores in the market. 


ESG Strategy Implementation Assistance


We help our clients identify and engage relevant leaders (internally and externally), partners and tools to execute on strategy.


Annual ESG Performance Assessment


A semi-annual or annual update of the ESG Assessment & Impact Report to benchmark performance, update strategy as needed, and re-assess risk and value creation opportunities. 

"This is a must for companies that want to stay relevant in today’s business environment. Not only will an organization save money through managing their sustainability metrics under the Impakt IQ approach and methodology, but it will benefit from the positive impact on corporate culture and provide a rallying cry for all employees and stakeholders.”
– SVP Real Estate Services Company with $23B in revenue