We provide clients with the guidance and tools they need to create, implement and manage dynamic impact business strategies and processes. Our hybrid service offering is an agile system that is customized for each client. 

An average client engagement is between 6-9 months and consists of the following:

Impakt IQ Executive Report

  • The Impakt IQ Executive Report uses creative analytics, dashboard & storyboards to provide clients a clear full system view of where they are on the impact continuum, this is the foundation for building and managing integrated impact strategies and outcomes. 

Impakt IQ Strategic Services 

  • The Impakt IQ Executive Report is the foundation for building short and long term impact organizational and brand strategy and an implementation plan.

  • We work with clients to develop these strategies using predictive creative analytics, dashboards and use case scenarios based on the foundation of the Impakt IQ Executive Report.

Impakt IQ Management Tools

  • Drawing on our vast network and experience, we work with clients as needed to ensure they have the tools to manage, measure and communicate ongoing impact performance. Ensuring that impact considerations are purposefully integrated throughout your organization.

Impakt IQ Imaging Report: Our Process

IIQ Process Chart Rev 1.jpg
IIQ Methodology Diagram Rev 1.jpg